kmbmpdc is a macOS menubar application for controlling Music Player Daemon playback. It's written in Swift and available for macOS 10.11 and newer.

Menubar controller

You can access basic playback controls from a pop-out menubar controller. The icon for the controller indicates current MPD playback status.

Media key support

You don't even have to open the controller to pause your music or to skip a song.

Cover art

kmbmpdc displays the cover art for the currently playing item, so you can admire the beautiful cover art for your music collection.

Track queue

You can see what tracks will play next in your queue with the togglable track queue.


kmbmpdc has a search window you can use to find tracks in your library and add them to various places in your


Keep track of songs with track change notifications.


Easily start playing your favourite playlist by just selecting it from the playlist menu.

Stop after current

Just one more song? Click the Stop after current button and MPD playback will stop as soon as your track is finished.


Free as in free beer and free as in Apache License 2.0 (freedom).

Download latest version

If you are a Homebrew-Cask user, you can install kmbmpdc with brew cask install kmbmpdc.
Development builds based on git master are available on Meido.

Check the Github repository for more details. For bug reports or feature requests, open up an issue on the issue tracker. And if you like the application, give it a star on Github to help other people discover it.